Closet Audit

Completely audit your closet and you will gain the ability to utilize each item to its full potential.  During this process I will help you categorize items to keep, tailor or donate.  You also receive a portfolio containing four to six outfits that pertain to your current lifestyle. *

AfS Home Parties
(Limited to 10 people)
Bring Accounting for Style into your home and have a great time with friends!

Some activities include: 

Body Balance Group Activity where we discuss our physical assets and liabilities, Scarf tying techniques, What's in this season? and a group style discussion.

* A general style consultation must be conducted prior to this service.

Accounting for Style

Kim is also available for Ladies' Nights, workshops and speaking events.  Some topics would include "Dressing professional on any budget", "Maximizing your wardrobe" and  "Preparing for an interview".  Any topic can be customized (or created) to suit your event.


Style/General Consultation

Identify your body type and learn how to accentuate the positives. Also learn how to dress for your current lifestyle using these new skills.

Special Occasion/Personal Shopping

Whether it's to build your wardrobe or for a special occasion, let me take the pain out of shopping. *

Wardrobe Review

What pieces are needed to better utilize your current wardrobe? Are you holding on to things that are outdated or the wrong size?  Let's review and purge those unnecessary items. *